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Kontakt.io’s Bluetooth tags are being used in hospitals around the world. Paired with Gateways, these make tracking wheelchairs, beds, and other expensive equipment easy and affordable. Moreover, it allows assets and employees to be seen in real time. Whether it's hospitals, elderly facilities, or home care, there are numerous ways Bluetooth is driving returns for healthcare providers.

Use Cases & Success Stories


Increase Asset Utilization

Reduce overspending on misplaced assets and ensure equipment can always be found when needed.

Optimize Patient Flow

Expedite the visiting process to keep doctors and patients happier.

Simplify Compliance and Security

Keep patients and files safe in the physical world and digital.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Help patients find their way, get results faster, and have a more comfortable experience.

healthcare asset tracking with beacons

Asset Tracking

THINaër developed a Kontakt.io beacon-powered solution for hospital managers to track wheelchairs, locate assets, and leverage sensors.

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indoor navigation in hospitals with bluetooth tags

Indoor Navigation

OnYourMap covered 15,000 square meters of this Swiss hospital with beacons.
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Explore Hardware and Software

Leveraging their experience and focus on customer service, Kontakt.io has designed Bluetooth tags to fit all kinds of situations and needs. In addition to powerful standard beacons for every occasion, we also offer beacons for specific scenarios.

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