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Modernized Real-Time Location Systems Empower Major Verticals

Download the white paper to discover Bluetooth-powered RTLS solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and workplaces

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
If knowing where your assets and people are is crucial for your company operations, you need a solid Real-Time Location System (RTLS). A properly implemented RTLS can streamline processes and generate valuable data to help you better use your space and let your employees focus on activities that bring value to the organization.

Recent technological developments have turned Bluetooth beacons into an efficient and affordable foundation for truly modern RTLS solutions. They can be adapted to almost any industry improving: operations, safety, inventory management, or any combination thereof. 

If you use RFID tags and RFID scanners, this white paper can help you better understand the uses and possibilities of asset tracking.




This 31-page white paper provides:

  • An extensive overview of RTLS and their applications in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and workplaces

  • A comparison of existing technologies used for asset tracking

  • Explanation and examples of how Bluetooth beacons are disrupting the existing location tracking solution

  • 7 easy steps to a successful RTLS project

Dive into the modern IoT ecosystem and find out how the latest innovations and standards are revolutionizing localization systems—download the white paper.

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