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Is Your Real-Time Location Systems Modernized?

Valuable asset tracking insights for manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and workspaces

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
Use WiFi or RFID tags? Looking into Zigbee? This white paper can help you better understand the uses and possibilities within asset tracking today. We’ll also examine the developments making Bluetooth a more viable and competitive standard.

RTLS with different technologies: your introduction to asset tracking

This 31-page white paper will help you determine:

  • How RTLS is already being applied in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and workspaces

  • The unique value propositions of RFID, WiFi, and BLE

  • How to help managers, raise returns, and ensure compliance

  • What will drive a successful RTLS in your business

Find out how the latest innovations are transforming expectations in the estbalished space of asset tracking and what that means for your industry.

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