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When a customer reaches the decision making moment, will you be able to talk to them?

86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.
Customers expect more from businesses than ever before, and proximity notifications can help you deliver. 


Beacon technology is allowing retailers, transit operators, and business of all kinds to interact with customers when it matters most. Proximity Notifications and in-store marketing are increasingly common in today’s market, and you’ll need to understand your options in order to craft the most efficient campaign possible.

This paper can help you:


  • Identify opportunities in your industry
  • Save money on your proximity notifications campaign
  • Evaluate different methods and standards
  • Understand technical requirements


Proximity notifications helped ELLE drive 21,000 store visits with beacons. Download this in-depth white paper and learn how to make beacon notifications work for you and your customers.


Learn how Proximity Notifications can transform your next campaign