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10 Beacon Deployment Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Project

The Ultimate Beacon Deployments Webinar

Join two experienced deployment specialists as they share some of the most common mistakes businesses make.

Santtu Pulli Santtu Pulli Head of Customer Success santtu@kontakt.io

Adrian Panpeski Adrian Penpeski Senior Customer Success Specialist a.penpeski@kontakt.io

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  • you should be 100% aligned with all stakeholders and 110% aligned with solution providers
  • “well planned, half done” is the name of the game in deployment
  •  the deployment isn’t over even when it’s over
  • what worked with 10 beacons won’t work with 1,000
  • the headlamp may just be your new best friend

It’s possible to deploy your first infrastructure correctly. Let’s get your project started right.

Point-based vs grid-based deployment

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