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Amazingly Simple Healthcare IoT: Redefining the Delivery of IoT Solutions to ALL Health Systems

Join Kontakt.io, Cisco, and Ingram Micro as we discuss our vision to make Smart Hospital Solutions simple, affordable, and useful to all health systems, big and small.  



For far too long small and mid-sized hospitals and clinics have been locked out of the benefits delivered by IoT-enabled Smart Hospital solutions due to the use of proprietary technologies that are too complex and expensive. Today we set out on a journey to change this reality. Three industry leaders are coming together to drive positive change, with a mission to bring amazingly simple IoT to all health systems, helping regional care providers to improve clinical outcomes using real-time location (RTLS), wireless sensing, and real-time connectivity that impacts clinicians, patient workflows and medical device management and utilization use cases.

Why you should join:

  1. We will discuss how BLE has emerged to be the de facto standard for smart hospital IoT solutions.

  2. We will outline how your hospital can afford solutions that solve for clinicians’ safety, patient workflows, and medical device management - eliminating the need for massive in-house IT resources.

  3. We will discuss ROI sources and why amazingly simple IoT pays for itself in under 12 months.

  4. We will review a hospital's journey and outline how you can go from no visibility to real-time awareness in weeks.




Bhavesh Patel_2

Bhavesh Patel
GM, IoT & AI Solutions
Ingram Micro

eric hembree

Eric Hembree
Director of IoT
Ingram Micro

Lucas Hanson

Lucas Hanson
Product Manager
Cisco DNA Spaces


Rom Eizneberg
Chief Revenue Officer

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