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Beacon Buyer’s Guide

The complete guide to selecting Bluetooth Low Energy hardware for your project

Applications powered by Bluetooth-based technology have proven themselves in every vertical and environment you can think of. From Industry 4.0 insights to simple wayfinding and tracking, these solutions depend on a simple yet versatile piece of hardware that forms the backbone of the networks that deliver a very long list of business and consumer benefits—beacons.

Selecting the right beacon for your deployment is one of the early steps in the process and has a significant effect on the future performance and possibilities of the network you create. As with other pieces of hardware, choosing the best beacon for your needs can be a real challenge, especially when the number and variety of hardware providers, products, and options is overwhelming.



In this ultimate guide to selecting Bluetooth LE products for your project you will:

  • Learn about the basics of beacon technology
  • Understand the technical criteria, concepts and considerations that will make it easier to choose the right beacon solution for you
  • Learn about the most common features and components that today’s beacons and tags have to offer
  • Find out which form factor is right for your solution
  • Access the beacon and tag comparison
  • Understand different beacon and tag use cases and their key requirements

Download this whitepaper and join us as we walk you through everything you need to know about what beacons do, how they do it, and what to look for when designing your own deployment.

Download the White Paper