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Engineering Hardware: the story of Kontakt.io’s Gateway and Samsung ARTIK™

Watch on-demand webinar to learn how collaboration allowed two companies to develop innovative IoT technology.

16th November 2016

Designing and engineering innovative products demands coordination with partners and suppliers. It requires strategically chosen and innovative partners to succeed.  

Kontakt.io partnered with Samsung to leverage the Samsung ARTIK modules, the building blocks of an open IoT platform, to bring the Gateway to market faster, while also providing very valuable product feedback to Samsung ARTIK team during development. The result is two distinct products with distinct and powerful possibilities.

During the webinar Ashish Sethi, Samsung’s Strategic Business Development Manager, and Kontakt.io Head of Hardware Lukasz Szelejewski will discuss:

  • hurdles faced when creating IoT hardware
  • how the Gateway utilized Samsung ARTIK
  • IoT advice for business leaders
  • the role of ARTIK in IoT
  • how manufacturers and developers can prepare for the future

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Lukasz Szelejewski
Head of Hardware at Kontakt.io

Ashish Sethi
Samsung's Strategic Business Development Manager 

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