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How Simon AI and Bluetooth LE are Simplifying Asset Tracking in Operational Environments

Discover ways to reduce search time, increase asset utilization, improve labor productivity with location-based sensor analytics

calendar-icon-white March 21st, 2019

alarm-clock-icon-18-256 5 p.m. UTC / 10 a.m. PDT

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One of the first steps to optimizing industrial operations is understanding your physical workflows.

  • How do your assets move throughout the facility?

  • How much time do your workers actively spend on a job?

  • When are downtimes most likely to happen?

  • What causes bottlenecks and how can accidents be prevented?

To answer these questions, you need data. Thankfully, the time when you had to follow forklifts with a stopwatch and paper notepad to get that data are long gone. The industrial world increasingly relies on IoT solutions to bring transparency into their operations. By 2020, the standard powering the most business outcome-driven IoT projects, will be Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE.)

Bluetooth Low Energy infrastructures are more affordable, less complex, and quicker to deploy than WiFi or active RFID, especially in light of the recently announced updates in v5.1 of the Bluetooth Core specification, bringing centimeter-level location positioning accuracy.

Join Kontakt.io’s Philipp von Gilsa and Bluetooth SIG’s Chuck Sabin to learn:

  1. About current productivity, safety and security challenges in warehousing and manufacturing

  2. How location and sensor analytics is key to addressing these challenges

  3. How Kontakt.io's Simon AI analytics suite simplifies the user experience and translates location and sensor data into workflows that drive business outcomes 

  4. What makes BLE the go-to standard for IoT 

  5.  What potential the recent Bluetooth 5.1 update brings to the operational space



Philipp von Gilsa


Chuck Sabin
Senior Director, Business Strategy and Planning
Bluetooth SIG

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