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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR:  Healthcare Edition
Bridging the IT - OT Divide:
Why Facility Managers and IT Network Leaders Benefit From Working Together


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Lucas Hanson
Senior Product Manager


Rom Eizenberg

Hospital buildings, with their infrastructure of rooms, networks, and equipment, provide the setting for clinicians to deliver care to patients. Running this complex operation, healthcare facility managers face mounting challenges to costs and growing demands for new services from a multitude of internal customers.

Healthcare IT-Networking group leaders face similar challenges, especially considering the increasing demand in delivering wireless mobility solutions inside buildings.      

IoT has the potential to bring these two stakeholders together. Now built into Wi-Fi 6 access-points, IoT services are making available affordable solutions for key facility management challenges and shifting the conversation from the cost of the network to the return over network investment, driven by OT use cases, but more importantly, in improving clinical outcomes. 



As the adoption of new IoT services continues to expand, we invite you to take 30 minutes and join Lucas Hanson, Senior Product Manager at Cisco and Rom Eizenberg, CRO at Kontakt.io, as they discuss:

  1. The aligning interests of facility managers and IT networking leaders.

  2. The possibilities for cross-funding network initiatives.

  3. How new IoT standards help OT and IT work better together.



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