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Environmental Monitoring:
The Hot Trend in Smart Buildings



Join us as we discuss why indoor air quality and environmental changes are grabbing center stage in facility management’s mind. In this conversation, we track the recent trends in building automation, review the latest use cases driving adoption and some of the products that help transform smart buildings.



  1. Framing the discussion: environmental monitoring in connected buildings 2021 - new challenges, new capabilities: a holistic perspective 
  2. Building health and safety applications
  3. Building carbon footprint management 
  4. New employee experiences: smart home at the office?
  5. A path forward: environmental monitoring solutions you can deploy today
  6. Building monitoring recipe: how to become your enterprise’s environmental champion
  7. Open discussion



Rom Eizenberg

Rom Eizenberg is the Kontakt.io Chief Revenue Officer and an IoT veteran. Having spent 20 years in this space, Rom has been involved in dreaming up and later delivering some of the most seminal IoT projects across hospitality, manufacturing, smart office, and healthcare industries.


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