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Connected Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Whitepaper

How Smart Hospital Solutions are delivering better clinical outcomes, greater efficiencies, and higher patient satisfaction through location data.

Healthcare facilities are complex spaces with busy traffic patterns but there are hundreds of workflows which can be automated. For far too long small and mid-sized hospitals and clinics have been locked out of the benefits delivered by IoT-enabled Smart Hospital solutions due to the use of proprietary technologies that are too complex and expensive. The technology is now available to streamline these processes while improving patient and clinical outcomes as a result through simple, affordable, and scalable solutions.

Connected Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Whitepaper

We’ve put together this whitepaper to:

    1. Share the current challenges healthcare facilities are facing and explain how Bluetooth® LE technology is solving for it

    2. Explain how modern, connected hospitals using medical device management, staff safety, indoor wayfinding and hand hygiene monitoring are achieving high patient satisfaction and drive clinical outcomes

    3. Share a technology comparison so that you know which infrastructure you should use for your project 

    4. Use two case studies from U.S. healthcare facilities, covering how they’ve been using amazingly simple healthcare IoT solutions from Kontakt.io 

    5. Detail the Kontakt.io complete healthcare solution offering to show that whether you are an end customer or partner, Kontakt.io is your go to source for delivering better experience in your healthcare facilities.

Regardless if you are planning or just considering introducing an RTLS or IoT project in your healthcare facility this 30-pages whitepaper is a must read. 

Download the whitepaper