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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR:  Kontakt.io IoT Academy

Connected Hospital Series 
Medical Device Management

How BLE yields quicker time-to-value and improved clinical outcomes.

In healthcare providers’ constant quest to reduce costs, improve quality of care and heighten patient satisfaction, mobile asset management presents a surprising challenge. The average clinical engineering man-hours spent per day: 4 to 7 hours on manually searching devices for repair and maintenance. This leads not only to productivity losses but also to decreased clinical care. These challenges can now be overcome with the right technology, which may be closer than you think.

Join us as we discuss why BLE is the leading technology for medical device management, and how your hospital can start driving cost savings within months instead of years. During this 30min live webinar we will cover:

1. Indoor IoT use cases - how you can scale from asset tracking, PAR level management, and device maintenance to infinite use cases by leveraging the network you have installed. 
2. Kontakt.io solution: how we are DISRUPTING LEGACY SOLUTIONS with
open standards, wire-free and plug&play devices. Introducing the solutions accessible for small clinics and huge hospital chains.
3. Live demo: what this solution could look like in YOUR hospital.
4. Hospital of the future is possible: NOW.

Kapil Asher
Director, Enterprise Healthcare IoT Solutions

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