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Connected Hospital Series: Patient Workflows Streamlined with IoT

How BLE-based healthcare IoT solutions disrupt the in-facility patient experience and health outcomes resulting in higher HCAHPS scores and reimbursement.

For decades hospitals have been using digital systems to manage the track of patient well-being, get recommendations on what other tests the patient should get, manage their history of medication to make the best diagnoses to avoid any preventable diseases in the future. How? By using data that the patient provides them with. 

Now, what if you had exactly the same amount of data, generated automatically, to help you prevent the bottlenecks in your hospital, what if you could:

1. Decrease patient wait time with real-time patient flow tracking in OR and ED.
2. Optimize outpatient flow by analyzing how much time patients spend in waiting rooms and how long it takes to examine them to improve workflows.
3. Improve operation room workflows by seeing in real-time which rooms are occupied, and if critical assets for effective operating procedures are ready in the operating room.

And all of that through the infrastructure you already have in place. You may be closer than you think! 

All this data is within your reach, and the solution is simple to use, affordable, and accessible so that no matter if you are a small regional hospital or large hospital chain you can access it today. 

Join us on Monday, July 12, as we discuss how your hospital can start driving better outcomes within months instead of years. During this 30min live webinar we will cover:

  1. Patient Workflow: current industry challenges
  2. The new era of WiFi+BLE IoT in healthcare facilities
  3. Kontakt.io Patient Workflow solution offering
  4. Application demo 
  5. Panel discussion

Kapil Asher
Director, Enterprise Healthcare IoT Solutions

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