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Save costs with beacon maintenance

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Being a successful beacon manager means you can smoothly set up your beacon infrastructure, manage it, and maintain it at low cost. 

You've probably mastered beacon deployments, so it's time you master effective beacon maintenance! 

Watch this webinar recording and learn go-to tips and products to help you manage and maintain your fleets more effectively, so you can focus on growing you3_1-1.pngr business.


Sign up and learn:

  1. How to monitor your beacon battery life without leaving your office.

  2. How beacon configuration can be something that your app’s users  can do for you.

  3. What the Kontakt.io SDK on Apple TV and MacOS brings to the table, and why the most crucial feature isn’t what you think it is.

  4. What you can do with the USB Beacon that you can’t do with the other beacons and much more!


img Marcin Kasz Beacon Ambassador @m_kasz

Marcin works as a Beacon Ambassador at Kontakt.io-one of the world's leading beacon and proximity companies. He has previously worked in multinational companies like Cisco Systems and in various industries including finance and game development.

img Adrian Ziobro Technical Support

Adrian was supposed to become a lawyer, but after graduating from Jagiellonian University he sobered up and decided to follow his life long passion of tinkering with new technologies.

Learn to manage and maintain your beacon fleets cheaper and faster!