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Kontakt.io Device Management Guide

Understanding the importance, benefits and capabilities of infrastructure management tools.

Completing the design and setup of a beacon or tag deployment brings you to the beginning of another stage in its lifecycle. To keep it in optimal working condition and fully take advantage of the data it gathers, you need to be able to detect problems and reconfigure and update the devices as needed. Manual monitoring is time-consuming and inefficient even when it’s possible—many modern deployments are too large and complex to even consider it. Still, location-based solutions need ongoing maintenance and control capabilities. 

This is why you need Infrastructure Management.

With the power to monitor, configure and manage your devices remotely and at scale, you can attain a level of efficiency and effectiveness that is otherwise impossible without Device Management. With these tools, you can fully support the proper operation of your device hardware with just a few clicks instead of spending significant time and resources doing so manually. The insights, visibility and functionalities made possible by Infrastructure Management reduce overall cost of ownership while boosting performance and the business benefits it brings. 




In this whitepaper we cover:

- Beacon fleet deployment and management challenges

- Three different options for managing your beacon infrastructure

- Infrastructure management use cases

- How Kontakt.io Device Management is your complete go-to software for device management



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