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Digital Transformation in Care Delivery

Top healthcare executives are grappling with a growing problem of avoidable administrative costs, which have reached $250 billion, and an increase in nurse turnover rate of 10% in 2022.

To overcome these challenges, health systems are turning to technologies such as IoT, AI, and Cloud Computing to digitally transform operational workflows, enhance patient and staff safety, and optimize room and asset utilization.

These cutting-edge technologies, built over open standards, establish a Smart Hospital IoT infrastructure that offers real-time location services of critical patient care resources enhancing quality of care and improved reimbursements.


Discover some of the ways Kontakt.io solutions can help hospitals:

  • Enhance staff safety through wearable technology
  • Increase staff productivity and asset utilization through workflow automation
  • Improve patient outcomes through digital transformation



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Kapil Asher
Healthcare Practice Head

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