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Discover the power of digital transformation for medical equipment tracking and management with Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io Booth G12, Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK

Join us at EBME 2023 in Coventry! See how our solutions for medical equipment tracking and management can help improve the efficiency of your operations and patient care while saving on costs. Using IoT signals and AI-powered analytics, Kontakt.io helps you bring full transparency into medical device readiness and real-time location tracking, resulting in optimized utilization and immediate time-to-value.


Interested in learning more about our medical equipment tracking solutions before the conference? In our newest whitepaper, we look at the direct and indirect costs of inadequate medical device management as well as the many ways in which hospital operations can be streamlined.


Download our new whitepaper and learn why Digital Transformation powered by IoT is the most effective way to:

  • Get live, real-time insights into the location and status of all mobile assets

  • Increase staff productivity through workflow automation

  • Increase asset utilization and ROI

  • Protect against losses

  • Improve patient care


Download whitepaper