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Eddystone - What it means for IoT and your business?

Learn about Eddystone's use cases and future business implications

About Eddystone

Eddystone is a new beacon format created by Google. It brings unlimited possibilites.

  • The open alternative to iBeacon
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • The best of Physical Web + more


Trevor Longino, Head of Marketing at Kontakt.io, answers these questions about Eddystone:

  • Kontakt.io Proximity

  • How will it affect IoT?

  • How will it transform your business?

  • What are the use cases?

  • How is Eddystone different than iBeacon? and other questions that come to your mind!


img Marcin Kasz @m_kasz

Marcin works as a Beacon Ambassador at Kontakt.io--one of the world's leading beacon and proximity companies. He has previously worked in multinational companies like Cisco Systems and in various industries including finance and game development.

img Trevor Longino @TrevorLongino

Trevor, Head of Product at Kontakt.io, is a marketing strategy expert, social media marketing passionate and a PR wiz in one person. With 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing, he has the knowledge and the track record to grow companies, and the creativity to make it outstanding.

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