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What makes the Eddystone format different from iBeacon? 

Eddystone is a new beacon format that opens unlimited possibilites.

  • The open alternative to iBeacon
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • The best of Physical Web + more



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img Marcin Kasz @m_kasz

Marcin works as a Beacon Ambassador at Kontakt.io--one of the world's leading beacon and proximity companies. He has previously worked in multinational companies like Cisco Systems and in various industries including finance and game development. In his spare time Marcin enjoys playing music and brewing himself a nice cup of coffee.

img Rafal Janicki @erjanicki

Rafał, a CTO and co-founder of Kontakt.io, has been a developer on a variety of cutting-edge products since 2009 and an entrepreneur as well, as a co-founder of affiliate-marketing tool CodeWise in 2010. He has worked in startups for much of his life, and is well-versed in how to help build the right technology for a startup to grow and thrive.