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Elevating Nurse Safety and Well-Being

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Part 1:
Enhancing Nurse Safety Amid Rising Workplace Violence

Part 2:
Restoring a Resilient Nursing Workforce from Burnout

Nurse duress and burnout have reached alarming levels in healthcare systems. According to recent industry stats, 30% of nurses report high levels of burnout, while 74% have experienced violence at work. This crisis affects patient care and staff retention, making it crucial to address.

Adding to the urgency is the escalating staff shortage crisis. In the past 5 years, the average US hospital turned over 105% of its workforce, with 100,000 nurses leaving the profession in the last two years and 610,000 projected to leave by 2027.

In this webinar series, we will discuss how health systems can harness the power of Cisco’s next generation wireless networks combined with Kontakt.io’s cloud-based staff safety and productivity solutions to enable rapid time to value, so that you can protect your nurses and make them feel seen and valued.

We invite you to this webinar series as we delve into:

  • Major challenges impacting the nursing workforce: Understand key drivers that have urged health systems to transform care operations and workplaces.  

  • How digital transformation can help: Explore IoT- and AI-powered solutions that safeguard nurses using wearables, wireless location-aware alerting, and enterprise-wide data consolidation to improve learning. 

  • An end-to-end solution offered by Kontakt.io & Cisco: Discover how health systems can leverage investment in staff safety to eliminate frustrating and wasteful staff activities that cause burnout and jeopardize clinical outcomes. 

  • Rapid deployment when time is of the essence but you are busy: Learn how our solution, delivered as a service and powered by cloud from Cisco and Kontakt.io, allows your health system to go from concept to reality in less than 30 days without resource constraints. 


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