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Enabling the Human-Centric Digital Workplace
with Smart Building Technology

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Join us for this on-demand webinar in which Kontakt.io and WORKTECH experts discuss smart building technology in human-centric digital workplaces.

Many organizations are setting the foundations of their hybrid working strategies. Workplace leaders are critically thinking about the technology needed to implement a fluid working and the space required to conduct work effectively, but the missing ingredient is too often how people feel in the workplace.

Organizations are struggling to entice employees back to the office. As hybrid working takes effect, employees are becoming more autonomous in choosing when, how, and where they work. This means the office needs to work harder to offer unique experiences and make employees feel valued within the organization. Technology is a critical part of the puzzle. However, technology is rarely seen as a tool to improve the human-centricity of a workplace.

There is a growing desire to leverage smart IoT technology to ensure a synergy between people and the spaces they work in. While this approach can have a powerful impact on employee retention and space efficiency, it does not come without its challenges? How can organizations leverage IoT technology to enable a human-centric hybrid environment?

Here's what we covered in this webinar:

  • Employee Experience & Wellbeing
  • Smart Buildings & IoT Technology
  • Connected Workplace
  • Human-Centric Digital Enablement

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