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Kontakt.io's Essential Guide
to Asset Tracking Solutions

A technology and use case comparison of NBIoT, UWB, BLE, and RFID platforms in diverse verticals.

Asset tracking solutions lie at the intersection of the increasing complexity of modern industrial processes and the rise of digital transformations and Industry 4.0 in different verticals. The needs of one are met by the possibilities created by the other. The result is RTLS deployments that are transforming industries and providing unprecedented opportunities for improved performance. 

The growth of implementing asset tracking solutions can be seen in the number of wireless technology platforms that have entered the market, each with a unique combination of attributes that makes them ideal for certain use cases. 


In this whitepaper we will cover both established and emerging technologies used for asset tracking, and discuss:

  • The benefits of asset tracking in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, manufacturing and warehousing
  • Industry-specific RTLS business outcomes & the pros and cons of different technologies
  • Asset tracking technology comparison (NBIoT, UWB, BLE, RFID)
  • Tips on how to select hardware for your asset tracking solution
  • 6 steps to a successful RTLS project


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