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Establishing the ROI on safety and security: Solving an enduring challenge for healthcare leadership


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Healthcare system leaders currently face many challenges in a tight financial period, not limited to identifying the return on investment (ROI) for advancements in non-revenue generating departments, including security. 

And yet, there are key cost saving opportunities (both hard and soft) that can clearly demonstrate financial benefits when tied to specific expenditures and initiatives. 

In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • The clear and specific means to measure value and ROI across security and safety in healthcare systems
  • The hard financial gains, the soft productivity gains, and patient satisfaction data
  • Workers compensation costs, turnover costs, and impact of legal exposure caused by inadequate or negligent security

The often illusive ROI of security initiatives can be uncovered. Mike Cummings, Chief Security Advisor, with 39 years in healthcare security, will walk us through the costs and risks as well as the hard and soft benefits from a holistic perspective of healthcare security.

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