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The Kontakt.io Firmware Kit

Create and onboard third-party devices to the Kontakt.io Cloud Platform facilitating countless new business cases at lower cost.

The Kontakt.io Firmware Kit turns any (BLE) IoT device into a Kontakt.io ecosystem ready device. Once the firmware is integrated into the 3rd-party device, a unified device-to-API management and location and sensor stream layer provides seamless communication between the device and the Kontakt.io Cloud Platform. This means that all of the features and use cases made possible by the Kontakt.io hardware and Platform are now readily available to all Bluetooth devices.

Become a partner

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The Kontakt.io Firmware enables devices

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  • Firmware power saving mode 
  • Award-winning RF signal stability
  • End-to-end device security
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  • Device to cloud on-boarding
  • Unique cloud stored device IDs
  • Multi-tenant fleet management
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  • Multi-venue management
  • Preventive battery monitoring
  • Telemetry and Location frames
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  • Full Cloud Platform Access
  • Third party gateway integrations
  • One API to rule all use cases

How you can immediately benefit from it

Technology Partner
  • Allows partners to focus on developing world-class software solutions that address customer problems
  • Reduces time spent integrating disperse hardware devices and infrastructure management
  • Higher solution trust through Kontakt.io device and architecture approval/certification
  • Faster sales through less infrastructure hustle (e.g.: IT promoting and not blocking solution)
  • Allows seamless scaling from POC to rollouts across venues
 End-Customers and IT departments
  • One platform and framework for full IoT device control and consistent management
  • Full enterprise security, from the device to the APIs
  • Less application risk as infrastructure and applications are partially separated
  • Multi tenancy, multi venue management
  • Fully leverage Kontakt.io’s technology stack interoperability from different gateway partnerships to devices
Channel Partner
  • Have one vendor for all your IoT infrastructure
  • Highest trust in the hardware and infrastructure you bring on the network
  • Faster scaling through Kontakt.io relationship and partnership agreements including pricing and SLA terms
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Turn any IoT hardware in a Kontakt.io ecosystem ready device


About Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io is on a mission to simplify IoT by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create modular, versatile location-based solutions for enterprise. Kontakt.io builds, deploys and scales solutions for customers in healthcare, supply chain and a range of public spaces. By delivering an end-to-end solution with an open platform, Kontakt.io is able to reduce the overall costs and complexity associated with deploying IoT solutions at scale. This makes implementing asset tracking or condition monitoring solutions widely available. With more than two million devices shipped, hundreds of installations, and a global customer and partner base of 20,000 businesses, Kontakt.io is the number one Bluetooth beacon provider globally and one of the first truly end-to-end location-based IoT solution providers.