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Innovating Hand Hygiene Compliance in Healthcare
How Digital Transformation Helps Promote Better Hand Hygiene


Studies have shown that hand hygiene is the primary way to cut hospital-acquired infections. Yet, today’s hand-hygiene compliance rates remain unacceptably low.

It’s not until recently that health systems started to bring digital solutions to their operational decision making. Hand hygiene, despite its clear benefits, is among the last healthcare practices to embrace technological innovation. Even in a “modern” hospital where robotics and advanced software abound, promoting and monitoring hand hygiene remains a challenge.

Whether you’re a forward thinker looking to drive changes or a health system executive troubled by poor hand hygiene practices and the many consequences, this exclusive white paper is for you.

What will you learn from the whitepaper?

  • How your health system will benefit from digital hand hygiene
  • Why is it so difficult to maintain good hand hygiene
  • How to apply digital transformation to hand hygiene
  • What it takes to drive changes toward better hand hygiene
  • How to pick the right solution for your health system

Download now to learn how to harness the power of digital transformation to take your hand hygiene compliance to the next level.

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