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IoT in Manufacturing

Trends, Use Cases, and Opportunities for Better Efficiency

The manufacturing space is experiencing perhaps the biggest turning point since the third industrial revolution. Increasing customer expectations and labor costs push manufacturers to drastically improve their output while keeping resources as lean as possible. Traditional tactics for improving efficiency are no longer sufficient. The answer is digitization, and implementing IoT is the foundation that drives it.

According to Oracle, 82% of manufacturers already have or plan to develop a digital transformation strategy. One of the first roadblocks they face is understanding what challenges IoT can address, specifically how it can help optimize existing resources and workflows.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you step by step through IoT use cases, discuss their impact on your bottom line, and show you how Simon, our operational experience platform, enables operational users to understand and adjust their workflows.

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We’ll talk about:

  1. If you haven't joined yet, you're already behind: key market insights and trends for using IoT in manufacturing operations

  2. Current challenges of the manufacturing space and why digitization is the only way to stay competitive

  3. How IoT addresses these challenges: IoT use cases that drive tangible business outcomes based on the example of Simon, the operational experience platform:
    - Tools & Equipment Management
    - Job Order Time and Material Flow Tracking
    Preventive Maintenance 
    - Subcontractor Tracking
    - Machine Utilization & Condition Analytics
    - Environmental Monitoring
    - Labor Time Analytics
    - Attendance Time Registration

  4. What is the business value of IoT? A summary of all benefits of digitized plant operations



Santtu Pulli
Head of Product



Prateek Gera
VP Product & Solution

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