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IoT Success Series: Virginia Hospital Center

How comprehensive mobile healthcare solution from Phunware and Kontakt.io helped to enhance the level of convenience and care to patients of Virginia Hospital Center





Michael Mistretta
Vice President
& Chief Information Office
Virginia Hospital Center


Jeff Friedman
Vice President of Sales


Kapil Asher
Director of Healthcare Enterprise
IoT Solutions

Virginia Hospital Center (VHC), a 437-bed not-for-profit teaching facility in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, was looking for a fully configured and flexible digital front door solution to improve their patient experience. The project was designed to bring a number of services into one cohesive mobile app and make it easier for patients to schedule appointments through remote telehealth services. From indoor wayfinding, mobile-based scheduling appointments to MyChart integrations allowing patients to view information on their vital signs in real-time along with laboratory results, medical procedures, and medications, Phunware and Kontakt.io joined forces to make it happen for VHC.

In this IoT Success Series, we sit down with Michael Mistretta, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Virginia Hospital Center and Jeff Friedman from Phunware to discuss the delivery of digital front door on mobile for Virginia Hospital Center.

1. How it all started and why: What was the initial motivation behind starting the IoT project in Virginia Hospital Center

2. Delivery of digital front door at Virginia Hospital Center: Project implementation & execution

3. What’s next? The future of IoT at Virginia Hospital Center:  What are some VHC roadmap items leveraging the investment they've already made


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