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How to succeed in large beacon deployments?

Most common challenges: time, cost, accuracy, calibration, testing and management covered!

By attending this webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Learn how to address the most common challenges of beacons deployment - time, cost, accuracy, calibration, testing, management and other issues

  • Get insights on how to manage large beacon deployments -what are the best practices & tools

  • Learn how long does it take to deploy a bulk of beacons and how much does it cost

  • Go through real-life use cases 

  • Get a chance to ask qusetions during Q & A session 



The webinar was co-hosted by Indoo.rs - a company that performed many bulk beacon deployments; the San Francisco International Airport is just one of the highlights.


Marcin Kasz

Marcin works as a Beacon Ambassador at Kontakt.io--one of the world's leading beacon and proximity companies. He has previously worked in multinational companies like Cisco Systems and in various industries including finance and game development. 

Nick Stein

stein.jpgNick, Head of Marketing at indoo.rs--a leader company at indoor positioning and navigation technology market.  Having more than 12 years of marketing experience, Nick has been working in the startup scene as well as the freelance marketing consultatnt .

Jasenko Ramljak

jase.jpgJasenko is a Product Owner with engineering background, responsible for product development at indoo.rs. Before moving into product management, he worked as a developer working on various business applications.

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