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Managing Physical Density & Contact Tracing in Real-Time  

Learn how Avenues: The World School used BLE Technology as part of their Pandemic Response System and opened a path to innovation




Dr. David Palumbo
Chairman and Chief Academic Officer,
Degree Analytics


Daniel Greenblatt
Director of Operations & Administration,
Avenues: The World School


Alicia Lorenzetti
Ecosystem Lead,
Cisco Meraki


Kapil Asher
Director of Enterprise IoT Solutions, Education Practice Lead, Kontakt.io

Learn how BLE location services and real-time behavioral data enabled a high-density K-12 school in a high-density city to provide a safe environment for students and teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic, increase operational efficiencies, and make data-driven decisions.

The Covid-19 outbreak has shown us a real need for location services that can support safety and security with solutions like density and occupancy tracking in schools. These initially short-term needs are now bringing long-term benefits through solution scalability and fast time to value.  



Join our live webinar where teams from Avenues: The World School, Degree Analytics, Cisco Meraki, and Kontakt.io discuss:

  1. The challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic in Avenues Schools and why they decided to deploy digital solutions to support standard policies
    (mask-wearing, hand sanitation)

  2. How Degree Analytics, Meraki, Kontakt.io joined forces to validate students’ social distancing efforts through BLE technology

  3. The difference between mobile- and tag-based secure tracing

  4. The path to a modern and safe school environment through your existing infrastructure. You may be closer than you think!



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