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Beacons UX

How to design the best beacon experience?

About the webinar:

 You will learn:

  • How beacons change the way we think of designing experiences?

  • How to build apps that users love?

  • How to increase your app's efficiency with the right design? How to design scalable UI?

  • Real-life use case: redesigning Sydney Opera House's official app 


Marcin Kasz Marcin Kasz @m.kasz

Marcin works as a Beacon Ambassador at Kontakt.io--one of the world's leading beacon and proximity companies. He has previously worked in multinational companies like Cisco Systems and in various industries including finance and game development.

img Peter Chen @pete_himself

Peter is a co-founder and designer @Beaconmaker. He has over 12 years of experience in digital design, advertising and branding. His work includes UX and digital design for major international clients such as Volkswagen, Cadbury, Nissan, 20th Century Fox, RaboBank.

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