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Rethinking Workspaces

How spatial intelligence & occupancy tracking solutions help to overcome
corporate real estate business challenges

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The pandemic has combined with The Great Resignation to accelerate trends that were just getting started before everything was turned upside down. These deep currents of change are transforming the workplace and forcing us to look at everything from a new perspective that puts a premium on smart, efficient use of space.

This whitepaper takes a closer look at these new challenges and provides extensive background on a topic that should be a top priority for any facility manager, corporate real estate, or property manager.

Rethinking workspaces whitepaperDownload it to discover more about:

  • Current challenges CRE is facing in space management and utilization

  • How smart buildings can make a positive contribution to your bottom line and what is the main factor any smart building solutions have been missing for years

  • Space occupancy use cases that can apply to your facility

  • Solutions from Kontakt.io that can deliver new insights, efficiencies and benefits expected in the modern workplace

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