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RTLS Use Cases
in Healthcare 

Learn how data gathered by RTLS
can be leveraged into greater efficiencies,
costs savings and first-class patient experience.

The concept of connected hospitals is not something from the future. It’s happening now. RTLS has been transforming almost every aspect of healthcare you could think of. From reducing asset search times, decreasing delays to improving workflows—location-based services help medical staff to focus on valuable activities and therefore drive ROI and a patient-first attitude.

As 2020 has shown, data gathered by RTLS can be also applied to answer COVID-19 related challenges and reduce the risk of virus spread among both patients and medical personnel.

If your major focus for 2021 is improving the way your healthcare facility operates and achieving world-class patient care, make sure to check our white paper.




  • What are BLE beacons and how are they used in healthcare facilities?
  • What is RTLS and what is its role in healthcare?
  • Healthcare challenges based around: medical equipment tracking, patient flow, staff duress, and how Bluetooth Low Energy and location services solve it.



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