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Seamless Indoor Positioning Deployment
with Kontakt.io Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology

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Moritz Walzer

Moritz Walzer
Technical Consultant

Bernd Gruber

Bernd Gruber
Product Manager ArcGIS IPS

Rom Eizenberg

Rom Eizenberg
Chief Revenue Officer

In this session, the team from Esri and Kontakt.io sits down to discuss how the partnership with Kontakt.io enables all Esri partners to seamlessly deploy indoor positioning solutions within days.

This ready infrastructure makes it possible to immediately take advantage of the benefits of wayfinding:

  • Assisting navigation through complex or unfamiliar spaces with step-by-step instructions
  • Meeting modern consumer expectations about digital solutions & building brand equity
  • Improving the overall customer, patient, visitor, etc. experience

We will cover:

  • The story of indoor positioning solutions, including a breakdown of what beacons are all about and an overview of the general wayfinding infrastructure
  • How simple it is to get a wayfinding solution up and running in days along with a look at IoT device management 
  • BLE-based indoor wayfinding as a service

We will conclude with a panel discussion covering all these topics with additional information and insights.

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