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The C-Level Perspective 

Interviews with the Most Influential Healthcare Executives


Today’s healthcare leaders face a myriad of challenges as they navigate soaring costs and workforce shortages. They are seeing too much waste in operations. This has become an existential threat. The average U.S. Hospital operating margins have turned negative, putting systems under historic pressure to act.

  • How to eliminate waste or inefficiencies in healthcare operations?
  • What can be done to address nurse safety, mitigate burnout, and boost retention rates?
  • How to elevate the quality of care to meet the evolving needs of patients?

In this webinar series, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kontakt.io Philipp von Gilsa interviews top executives in health systems to unravel the pressing issues at the heart of care operations and delivery.

Jim Hinton_avatar

Webinar #1: Why Jim Hinton Says “Operational Excellence in Health Systems is a Key Priority Now”

Speaker: Jim Hinton, Ex-CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health

We sit down with Jim Hinton, a seasoned healthcare leader with more than 38 years of experience in the industry. Jim will shed light on key drivers of challenges for health systems in 2023, opportunities for health systems in the next five years, why top executives are turning to operational transformation now, and how to strike a balance between operational excellence and patient experience.

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Webinar #2: “How Can Health Systems Enhance Nurse Safety, Reduce Burnout, and Boost Retention” With Dr. David Shulkin, Former Secretary of the VA 

Speaker: Dr. David Shulkin, Former Secretary of the VA

Our second installment features David Shulkin, former Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and renowned healthcare executive. David will discuss the fundamental changes in health systems over the past decade, what executives can do to address nurse burnout and turnover, how to effectively combat staff duress, and how to make a compelling case for your C-suite to deploy digital transformation solutions.

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