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Transforming Corporate Real Estate Management with IBM TRIRIGA & Kontakt.io

How today’s workspace challenges can be overcome with near real-time, AI-driven space occupancy solutions.

Recorded on Thursday, October 14, 2021 



In this session, we talk with Samantha O’Neill - Lead Product Manager at IBM, and Rom Eizenberg - CRO at Kontakt.io to discuss how our integration addresses today’s space planning challenges and how we can help you prepare for the shift, and discover additional smart building business outcomes derived through IoT.

  1. Back to the New Normal: Space Planners Challenges in 2021
    A shift in space management practices. 
  2. IBM TRIRIGA & Kontakt.io Solutions:
    How are we helping customers to plan for space occupancy management changes?
  3. Benefits of IoT in Smart Buildings
    Where else you can use the data from Kontakt.io within TRIRIGA beyond occupancy tracking?
  4. How You Can Start Today      
  5. Open Discussion  

Samantha O'Neill
Lead Product Manager


Rom Eizenberg
Chief Revenue Officer




IBM TRIRIGA® is an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution. Through the smart application of data, IoT and AI, TRIRIGA can help customers unlock key information and insights, and gain greater visibility into space and facility utilization, occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting. With TRIRIGA, customers can get the most out of their real estate investments regardless of size, scale and configuration. 

About Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io Inc. is the global leader in IoT services, supporting more than a thousand partners and over 22,000 end-users with products and solutions that connect people, locations and things. Their cloud services and managed IoT device solutions help enterprises eliminate inefficiencies, improve productivity and increase workplace safety. Kontakt.io delivers solution components and complete, turn-key, cloud-managed solutions that enable customers to quantify buildings and better understand how people, things, workspaces and the environment interact. From healthcare to smart buildings, they manage millions of BLE IoT devices deployed in buildings across the globe.


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