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Transforming Workplace Safety
Episode 1: Leveraging Kontakt.io Solutions for Rapid Response to Incidents


The issue of workplace safety is central to any discussion of employee well-being, visitor experience and other important metrics. 

Discover how the Los Angeles LGBT Center left siloed legacy systems behind and easily implemented the safety measures needed to protect staff, visitors, and others on their premises.

The evidence is clear. Statistics show a disturbing rise in incidents of workplace violence, especially in healthcare. Traditional security measures can't react quickly enough when employees are spread throughout large facilities. The problem is made even worse when unscalable, inflexible tech infrastructures make it complicated and expensive to add effective new safety measures.

In 2023, ensuring safety in the workplace is a critical responsibility for healthcare leaders, yet it often gets overlooked due to concerns about burdening an already overwhelmed IT team with additional projects. In order to address this issue, we will explore the subject matter in a two-part series, focusing on the viewpoints of two significant stakeholders:


  1. IT: Responsible for the implementation and deployment processes, we will delve into the advantages of working with Kontakt.io, discussing its user-friendly features and ease of integration.

  2. Nursing Leaders: As representatives of the end user community, we will examine the benefits of utilizing Kontakt.io and how it contributes to positive outcomes such as enhanced morale and well-being among healthcare professionals.


Join us for part 1 of this discussion: Kernel Thomas, Director of IT Infrastructure and Security at the Los Angeles LGBT Center explains how implementing solutions from Kontakt.io:

  • were easy to test and adapt
  • provided the kind of digital security umbrella needed to monitor a large, multi-location organization
  • integrated easily with the Center's existing tech stack
  • were quickly embraced by staff




Kapil Asher_avatar

Kapil Asher
Healthcare Practice Head

Kernel Thomas

Kernel Thomas
Director of IT Infrastructure and Security
LA LGBT Center

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