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Value of Location Based IoT Data in Warehouse Operations 

Learn how location-based IoT powered by BLE is unlocking a wealth of new data points for improving efficiency in warehouses.

All the goods stored in warehouses must be tracked, labeled, and stored so that when the time comes to be sent, they can be loaded and shipped as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The processes warehouses use to accomplish this are part of a hyper competitive, billion dollar industry largely defined by one key variable: efficiency. 

The more efficient a warehouse can operate,
the more money it will make and competitive it will become




Download this whitepaper and  learn:

  • How warehouses compete to improve efficiency;
  • The role of BLE in gathering and analyzing location data to improve operating efficiency and become more competitive;
  • How a leading logistics solution provider, Fortune 2000 company, is integrating its warehouse management system with Kontakt.io’s location tracking solution to optimize worker efficiency and the benefits from it.



With the right location solution in place, warehouses can expect a + 20% improvement in worker efficiency. Download the white paper today and learn how your warehouse can start implementing Bluetooth to transform the way you track and improve warehouse efficiency.

Download the guide now