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Weekly Intro: Starting your Kontakt.io journey 






Weekly, Thursdays at 1 PM ET

Wondering where to begin with your digital transformation? Whether you work in healthcare, smart buildings, or other industries, you’ve come to the right place.

In this webinar, see Kontakt.io in action:

  • What it means to transform your operations with AI, IoT, and RTLS, and how Kontakt.io makes it easy, fast, and scalable
  • A full ecosystem of solutions we offer for your assets, staff, and customers within one platform
  • The physical and digital products that come together to create responsive businesses and deliver real outcomes
  • Real-world examples of customer success at scale with Kontakt.io

If you’re looking to understand the potential of real-time location services, artificial intelligence, and IoT, this is the webinar for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive deep into the benefits of emerging technology and proven solutions.


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