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Make Your Museum Audio Tour 260% More Engaging

White paper based on Muzze’s audio guide experience across 40 museums.

In the white paper you will learn to:

  • Make audio guides that are relevant in the 21st century

  • Save 97% on audio guides with tools like Muzze

  • Make your visitors 240% more engaged with exhibits

  • Know more about visitors with affordable technology


Muzze is a mobile audio tour application that make it easy to take a tour of a museum just by entering a museum or an exhibition and installing an app. Beacon technology takes care of the rest, showing visitors stories about Mthe exhibits in the room that the have entered and using the power of beacons and proximity to make discovery natural for visitors of all types.

kontaktio_logo-01.pngKontakt.io’s platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. Kontakt.io goes beyond beacons to do this, and offers a full suite of innovative technology, ranging from Bluetooth low energy beacons to a variety of other hardware and software technologies.