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Workplace Utilization Strategy for Human-Centric Workspaces with Accenture & Kontakt.io






Harry Morphakis
Senior Manager


Sam Biggerstaff
Director of Enterprise Sales

Join Accenture and Kontakt.io as they discuss how companies should prepare a strategy for hybrid workspaces that actually works for people, and helps to save money on real estate by sharing practical steps that let you start collecting the right data now.

Offices are continuing to move to hybrid modes, which appears to be a fundamental part of the future of the workplace. Still, real estate costs are high and it is often difficult to say with accuracy if a space is in fact properly and fully utilized. What we knew before Covid, and even what we’ve learned since, is not sufficient to conduct proper planning. The collection of data needs to start now, and it needs to start with reliable information to help you define and properly plan your real estate needs and budget. In this session Harry Morphakis, Senior Manager at Accenture and Sam Biggerstaff, Director of Enterprise Sales at Kontakt.io discuss:


What we will cover:

  1. Hybrid work environment shifts - common problems real estate managers are facing now
  2. How to design your future space 
  3. Kontakt.io solution offering
  4. Key steps you need to take in your organization to find the data to help you redesign your workspace
  5. Q&A


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